Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Another Order of Poison Please

If you are interested in EverythingHealth, this video speaks for itself. The main fat guy (sorry to be pejorative but it is deserved in this case) is probably only 40 years old. As my mother used to say "Just because it is there, doesn't mean you put it in your mouth". People, people....this is poison to your body.



Ha ... "Hey this is good, it just needs more salt."

Ellen Meier said...

Chicken Fried Steak? With gravy? I thought it was a joke, but apparently not.
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Anonymous said...

They also aren't using any plastic or laytex gloves while handling the food, to protect against passing germs.

Coupled with smoking and no fruit and the only vegatable is fried onion rings.


Anonymous said...

Heart attack on a plate!

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