Saturday, March 17, 2007

Buy Dove Soap

The new Dove Soap campaign is not only brilliant marketing, it is Madison Avenue with a mission. These commercials break down the classic stereotypes of beauty in our society and empower women to accept themselves as they are. What would really make a difference is if you men out there would call your pre-teen or teen daughter to the computer and show her this video. Young girls are facing images of sexy, tall, thin, airbrushed, surgery enhanced bodies everywhere they turn. When they look in their own mirror they see something completely different and feel inadequate. Having your dad open the conversation about real beauty and what men like about women could have an impact that would last a lifetime.

Dove is making it easier on all of us. Let's support the companies that are making this crazy life a little gentler.


K said...

I was at the movies (for Zodiac) and they showed one of the new Dove ads. It is entirely possible I misheard, but I could swear I heard some guy to the side, audibly cringing at every single lady. I kind of wanted to slap him.

Oh and hi! My mom pointed me here.

Toni Brayer MD said...

Thanks,K. Even after all of this time, in 2007, it is amazing how many people just don't "get it". Thanks to your mom too. TB

Vic Grace said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate this post about women valuing themselves rather than trying to be what the media thinks is beautiful. Now I am 60 I am glad anger and a bitter spirit didn't add wrinkles, worry didn't leave frown lines and since I have looked after my skin it isn't too bad and the only lines I can see are laugh lines. That is what counts in the long run. I use Dove by the way.

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