Saturday, March 10, 2007

It's Time to Quit Smoking

No-one has been able to answer my question of why Hollywood still has so many attractive characters smoke in movies. I suspect the tobacco manufacturers use "payola" to have the most beautiful stars light up. A study was done that shows there are more smoking scenes in movies now than there were in the 1950s. Just be aware the next time you watch a movie and notice if the cigarette adds anything to that particular scene or dialog. Most of the time it adds nothing. Clearly, it is featured for the insidious purpose of glamorizing smoking. And yes, even in 2007, it still works! Since Hollywood movies are seen and loved worldwide, the effect is profound.
I hope none of the faithful readers of EverythingHealth smoke but, believe me, there are a lot of closet smokers and 3000 teens start each day. The tobacco manufacturers have increased the addictive additives in cigarettes and smokers are really trapped once they begin. The "stop smoking" industry is huge with biofeedback,acupuncture,talk therapy, nicoderm, nicotine gum, Zyban pills, and still the relapse rate is 85%. I have often told discouraged smoker patients "Don't beat up on yourself. The properties in cigarettes are as addictive as heroin or cocaine. If cigarettes were illegal you would be knocking over little old ladies for their purse to buy more".

I am thrilled to say there is a new treatment for tobacco addiction that works.
Researchers have found nicotine and dopamine receptors in the brain and have developed a pill called Chantix which blocks those receptors from the effects of smoking.
Because it is so new I have only had two patients use Chantix but both of them were hard core, lifelong smokers who had failed other methods. They are both successful non-smokers now and said it was absolutely easy with no craving. That's right, no craving. I have never heard results such as these before. The only side effect was insomnia. Will it work for everyone? I don't know but I treat people one at a time and so far we are 100%.

I have no stake in Chantix or the pharmaceutical industry. I am happy to inform, however, something that might just help millions of smokers who are killing themselves with tobacco. Smoking is the single worst chronic thing you can do to your body. If you know a smoker, please mention this new treatment and encourage them to try again. I look forward to watching a movie and hearing the actor say "Gee, I wish I could quit smoking. Look what it's doing to my skin."



Dr. Toni

Good Post ..... I have someone to pass it along to. I've been thinking about your visit. It's a prime example of why I love the net so much. I would have never bumped into someone from such a different background. I'm gonna write about it in a day or two.
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Anonymous said...

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