Monday, May 7, 2007

More Omega 3 FFA's

A few days ago I wrote about the benefits of Omega 3 supplements and I now find YET ANOTHER study that supports this cheap and amazing supplement. The Lancet reported on a large study of 19,000 Japanese patients with hypercholesterolemia. The patients who were given 1800mg/day of Omega 3(EPA) capsules in addition to low dose Statins (Pravachol and Mevacor,) had a 19% lower incidence of non-fatal coronary events like heart attack or unstable angina needing stents or bypass surgery.

Omega 3 FFA supplements are easy and inexpensive and should be used by people with cardiac risk factors, especially hyperlipemia. The benefit was on top of the benefits of Statin drugs and is thought to be from additional biologic effects of Omega 3's.

"Compared with drugs, invasive procedures, and devices, modest dietary changes are low risk, inexpensive, and widely available," writes Dr. Mozaffarian from Harvard Medical School, in an accompanying Lancet editorial, "We must curb our infatuation with downstream risk factors and treatments, and focus on the fundamental risk factors for cardiovascular disease: dietary habits, smoking, and physical activity. If the millions of heart attacks occurring each year were not a clarion call, the obesity epidemic certainly should be."

Omega 3's rule!


TBTAM said...

Thanks for visitng my site. Like yours, too.Will throw up a link when I get the time. Am a big omega 3 fan...

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Rich said...
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Ambrose said...

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