Friday, June 8, 2007

Liquid Skin

When my daughter was young and I told her to get out of the sun or it would ruin her skin she would reply "Oh, it's OK, when I grow up there will be liquid skin. I will just rub it on and all the sun damage will be gone". I laughed at her silliness as I slathered sunscreen on her. Now there is a recent study from the Archives of Dermatology that shows there is hope for the wrinkles of aging.

Sun exposed skin shows accelerated aging and lack of collagen. This study was done on 87 year olds, living in senior citizen facilities and they applied a combination of liquid Retinol (Vitamin A) and glycosaminoglycan, which is known to retain water and increase collagen synthesis. After 24 weeks, the treated patients had fewer visible wrinkles and biopsy of their skin showed more collagen and ability of the skin to withstand injury.
My grown daughter knows she "goofed" as liquid skin isn't here and, as usual, mom was right about sun protection. But a commercial product is patented and in development so maybe she was on to something. I guess in the future eighty-seven will be the new 40!

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Lisa said...

A very helpful article. I am aplmost 40 and have noticed my skin tone and elasticity starting to change. Thanks for the information...Although I must say, I wish your daughter had been right - some easy to apply liquid skin would come in real handy!

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