Saturday, July 21, 2007

Doping-ruining the sport

It is sad that the prestigious Tour de France continues to be ruined by the cyclists taking performance enhancing drugs known as "doping". From baseball, to field sports and now cycling, the heroes we long to admire are selling out to this bargain with the devil.

Michael Rasmussen from Denmark is the lead cyclist wearing the coveted yellow shirt. He is now under suspicion for missing 2 drug tests and other cyclists are accusing him of cheating. He assures his fans that everything is OK, but didn't we hear this before? Lance Armstrong still remains a hero, thank heavens for his world record cycling wins, without any banned substances in his system. We need more like him. The sponsors, fans and sport authorities need to get serious about this. One dirty urine are out. No 2nd chances. The sport would benefit and our kids might have someone to look up to again.


Rich said...

I have heard othat some cyclists take a certain bronchodialator to help them open thrie lungs more. I guess in this competition wherever you can gain the edge it will be done. As a Tour De France wannabe myself, I am discouraged by all this.

Rich said...

excuse my typo's as I type faster than I can think or is it the other way around? said...

What exactly you're writing is a horrible mistake.

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