Sunday, July 8, 2007

It's not raging rapids - but I'm back

Although this photo doesn't look like raging rapids, it was a beautiful hike near Cataract Canyon, Utah, on the Colorado River. I couldn't risk my camera during the rapid runs so no photos of the dangerous level 5 rapids! You'll just have to believe me.

Did you notice that last week was a major heat wave across the entire United States? The map in USA Today showed every state was red or orange...that means hot, hot, hot. It was 105 on the river. We were cookin'.

I will be back in the EverythingHealth mode after I catch up on email, snail mail (mostly catalogs and bills), medical journals, patient care and laundry.

My fever blister from the sun takes me back to one of my earliest posts on Fever Blisters-aka Herpes


Paul Levy said...

I believe you!

What a beautiful part of the country. I'm a bit envious, but a week on Cape Cod was also pretty nice . . .

Kate Isis said...

Welcome back Toni, looks like you had a great vacation.

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