U.S. Surgeon General Compromised by Politics

I have tried to be non-political on this blog and focus only on EverythingHealth. But I can't ignore sharing this article from the New York Times that quotes Dr. Richard H.Carmona, the former US. Surgeon General under George Bush (the son). As the "Nations Doctor", he reports that the Bush administration forced him to weaken or suppress important public health reports, including those on tobacco, stem cells, prison health, mental health, global warming, contraception, sex ed, global health and even the Special Olympics. I am a strong believer that science and politics do not mix and when science is suppressed for political gain, we all loose. This article shocked me and it should shock you too. Please have a read: Dr. Carmona's testimony.


Rich said…
Tony - the reason I set up my blog was to try and get away from politics but it's so hard. And "W" is shooting to be the first American Dictator if you ask me. He and Cheney are... oh well.. my head is about to explode.
Toni Brayer MD said…
Thanks for the comment, Rich. The article speaks for itself and shocks the conscience of democracy.
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Stewart said…
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