Your Stools - endless fascination

You may not cop to it, but everyone is fascinated with their bodily waste (aka: bowel movements, stools, number 2, S*#t, dump,crap, elimination).

This handy chart can finally answer all of your questions about different types of bowel movement and what is "normal". As you can see, there are many variations with type 1 being consistent with constipation. Type 6 and 7 are diarrhea.

What is normal? Anything in-between. The best way to achieve that golden state of normal elimination is through diet. You've heard it before...fruit, vegetables, fiber and water are the key to a happy colon.

No, you don't need colonics or enemas. The colon is made to be self cleansing and certain bacteria and enzymes are supposed to be there. Don't wash them away. If you take antibiotics, replace the intestinal flora with natural yogurt or probiotics. Certain medications can also cause constipation or diarrhea and may require extra fiber supplements to keep things moving normally.

This may be more than you ever wanted to know about stools, but admit did look at the picture and wonder, right?


Rich said…
Nothing like a healthy crap. This is a good post for the Howard Stern show. This brings up the whole debate wether bowel movents should sink or float. I say sink- and should not have much odor.

Good post but it's a shitty topic ;))
ali4cats said…
WOW! What a useful way to categorize... such things. I may just have to hand this out to patients before asking them about their "habits".
K said…
I remember finding the Bristol Stool Chart a month or so ago after looking up on Wikipedia a disease suffered by flood victims. It made me wish I'd seen it years before - that thing is frikkin great! I mean, yeah, "corn poo" isn't exactly codified on it, but that's totally ok. I saw it and after a moment was all, "yeah, that one was yesterday, neat, and that's normal! Niiiiiiiiiiiice"

hee hee, poop
Anonymous said…
Remember Elvis last words?
Toni Brayer MD said…
I may be dense...I don't get it. Corn?
Buy Cialis said…
This is something hard to know what normal is because I consider my colon works perfectly I say that because when I'm going to the bathroom I fill completely the toilette, well I don't know if that's normal or I need an special treatment.
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Quentin said…
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