Friday, August 24, 2007

Doctor Online Ratings

Doctors used to get referrals from word of mouth. The internet has taken that to new highs with online physician rating websites like Boasting 334,669 ratings and climbing, with 580 new ratings added yesterday, this trend of saying whatever you want anonymously and publicly should bring a chill to every practicing physician. With use of a smiley or frowney face, not to mention scathing comments, a patient now has the weapon to get even for that long wait or rude receptionist.

There is no stopping this trend. Medical Justice is a company that provides a contract for physicians to have patients sign that requires the physician to give "ratings permission". Does anyone think this will be effective? Some frustrated patients have created entire websites to criticize specific doctors that have annoyed them.

We will not be going back to the days of gossip across the back fence. Doctors will not be immune from the free speech of the world wide web and they better get used it. These online patient reviews give people a sense of control and it reflects the lack of credible information available when people are searching for a doctor. In a world where you have to pick your physician from an insurance list, reading the review is seen as a plus. Never mind that it may be one person's opinion.

We now have the ability to say anything about anyone and post it for millions of people to see. I think it would be more helpful if sites required people to use their real names rather than hide behind anon. As my mother used to say: "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all." In the world of web 2.0, that saying is about as obsolete as a horse and buggy.


Rich said...

You're right about this - if I would make a specific comment about someone and mention their name, it would only be fair if I gave my full name in return. This is why i try to make generalizations when i post and NOT target anyone in particular and mention names - first and last.

Also, If you do put your name up there for the world to see, you have to worry a bit more about people who disagree with what you write about. This could become a problem.

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