Thursday, August 30, 2007

Katrina revisited

This time two years ago I was flying with my medical kit to New Orleans to help during the Katrina Disaster. I cannot get the gulf coast out of my mind and it is a tragedy that continues for millions of people. I offer these photos and I hope we will never forget that we are all in this crazy life, at this point in time.... together.


Rich said...

Thank you for your service during that time. Thios is a disgrace - I wonder how many other countries have helped out here. I know Bush and company as well as the local governemnt dropped the ball with this big time but who else has offered to help with millions of dollars like the US sends to all parts of the world when dissaster strikes?

Toni Brayer MD said...

We are the richest nation in the world. If we can't rescue one of our own cities and create the opportunity to build a better New Orleans, we are lacking leadership and vision.

A number of other nations offered help during the disaster and it is my understanding that we turned them down. I can tell you, having been there, that there was absolutely no coordination, chain of command or organized effort except by individual agencies like Red Cross and Louisiana Health Department. I will write another blog about what I think we need to have in place for disasters.

Medusa said...

More than a disgrace, it is a scandal. Check out this article by Greg Palast, who has written extensively about New Orleans.

There is a lot more at the gregpalast site.

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