Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tattoos and Work

It's nice when other bloggers visit and mention my writing on their blogs. Compensation Force (an HR site) linked me and so, of course, I checked it out. The HR world is quite a newsy place! I enjoyed reading about "How to respond to a racist joke" (Don't laugh, play dumb with a blank look and say "I don't get it". Make the joke teller feel embarrassed). "Tattoos and work: how body art plays a role in whether you are hired or not" was another interesting link.

Tattoos fascinate me and when I see someone with body art down both arms, I often wonder "Where does she work?" Thirty five percent of Americans between 18-29 have a tattoo. I would have thought the percentage was higher. It seems like every young adult I see has a tattoo, but maybe that's just because this is sunny California. But wait, I was in Idaho and Utah and I saw lots of decorative tattoos there too, on both gals and guys. Has anyone checked out David Beckham's body art lately? Whew!

So if you want to see how employers look at body art check it out. I can tell you the world of medicine is pretty conservative but who knows what goes on under clothes?


Rich said...

The tattos they say "i've been in prison are the best" like it's an honor these days to be incarcerated.

But they are funny and I think like you do -where do they work? I don't have any ink myself but I see a lot of patients that do and they try to encourage me to get some.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand people who get large tattoos of movie stars. come-on..get a life. If you get a Brittany tattoo when you are 20, are you going to enjoy it at age 60?

Donna in TEXAS said...

I watch la ink or miami ink and it amazes me the crap some people get and the large ones...I sit and think humm wonder what that will look like when your 80 and droopy lol
Donna In TEXAS

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