Saturday, September 22, 2007

New FDA Approvals/Medical Updates

Readers of Everythinghealth like to be on the cutting edge so here are so here are some new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approvals.

Home-Based Fertility Screening:
The first at-home fertility screening test for men and women enables couples to assess fertility earlier. the screening kit includes male (motile sperm) and female (follicle-stimulating hormone) tests proved 95% accurate. It is cleverly called "Fertell."

Lipid Profile Device: CardioChek PA is a diagnostic devise that can measure a patient's lipid profile in the office or waiting room in less than 2 minutes. (you can buy it for home use but be prepared to spend $149 for the machine, plus cost of various test strips, shipping, etc).

Estradiol Spray to Treat Menopause: Evamist has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of menopause symptoms. The spray is delivered in metered doses. ( I have been unable to find any information on this and I am not aware of any physicians prescribing it. Please comment if you know more)

First Artificial Cervical Disk: The FDA has approved the Prestige cervical disk for treating degenerative disk disease. It is used to replace the impaired natural disk during surgery and would fusing the bones after removal of the diseased disk.

Urinary Flow Measuring System: The FloPoint Elite Uroflow System measures and records a patients pattern of flow, allowing a physician to assess bladder function and patterns. It is installed in a standard toilet, with no awkward chair and uses digital wireless technology. (I am not sure what technology this replaces but the standard toilet part sounds good)

Smart Brace for Stroke Victims: The e100 NeuroRobotic System has been cleared by the FDA for marketing as a portable elbow brace. The devise is designed to help people relearn how to move paralyzed upper limbs. When a patient's electrical muscle activity signal fires in response to attempted movement, the devise senses the signal on the skin and reinforces the normal movement.

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