Why Are Americans So Fat?

In just one year, a new study shows, obesity rates have shot up across the country.
Why are Americans so fat? Here are my reasons...feel free to add your own.

  • 22% of Americans did not do any physical activity in the past month.
  • Our government subsidizes high fructose corn syrup. It is cheap and in everything!
  • No one cooks anymore. Fast food is fat food.
  • Kids have too many choices. (remember when mom cooked something you didn't like? You picked at it and got away from the table fast)
  • We have huge portions. Rent the movie "Supersize Me" and you will be shocked.
  • Food is available everywhere...all night markets, fast food on every corner, snacks at every office, cupcakes and candy at every holiday/school birthday.
  • We eat too fast. In other countries they chew and relax. We work.
  • Stress hormones affect metabolism. We need to chew and relax.
  • Cheap food is fat food. Poverty and obesity go hand in hand in America.
  • TV, Computer games, Play Station.
  • Kids are restricted from playing freely outdoors.
  • We eat more than we burn.


JD said…
32 oz. soft drinks that people think are normal size.
Rich said…
I agree with all of the reasons you mentioned. I was just thinking about the “chew and relax thing” a lot of friends and family make comments to me about that. I usually just tell people I like to relax and enjoy my food rather than gobble it down whole like a dog (no offense to dogs) I’m not perfect but myself and my family are not obese and I have tried to instill healthy eating habits in my kids from the start. The number one places we stay away from are fast food restaurants. I never eat fried foods and fruits and veggies are important along with plenty of water.

Also, I see a lot of women around the medical center I work at who are obese and for lunch they will go straight to McDonalds. These women are usually from low economic backgrounds. I think education is key to stopping this epidemic. When I was a kid we were all skinny. A fat kid was maybe ten pounds over weight
K said…
That picture makes me angry. I also feel bad that it makes me angry. Weight is a very conflicted issue.

(But yes of course people should be eating healthier and exercising more. They won't, though. At least, that's what the pessimistic side of me says, that sees a culture that wants/needs its adherants to be as slothful and doped-up as possible.)
Rich said…
The guy in the photo can't be an American he's wearing a French bathing suit :))
Anonymous said…
Books like Asphalt Nation are good for documenting the automobile dependency we've inflicted on ourselves in how we built everything over the last 50 years. We can't walk everywhere, so we walk nowhere, and so we get fat. There's a reason New Yorkers are thinner than the rest of us.
Cary said…
All of your points are right on the money. I recently read an interesting article from the Washington Post regarding America's obesity epidemic. The article pointed out that although we are as a nation fat, "An efficient economy produces sluggish, inefficient bodies."

The article went on to say, "The obesity problem is really a side effect of things that are good for the economy," said Tomas J. Philipson, an economics professor who studies obesity at the University of Chicago, a city recently named the fattest in America. "But we would rather take improvements in technology and agriculture than go back to the way we lived in the 1950s when everyone was thin. Nobody wants to sweat at work for 10 hours a day and be poor. Yes, you're obese, but you have a life that is much more comfortable.

For many corporations, and even for physicians, Americans' obesity has also fattened the bottom line. William L. Weis, a management professor at Seattle University, says revenue from the "obesity industries" will likely top $315 billion this year, and perhaps far more. That includes $133.7 billion for fast-food restaurants, $124.7 billion for medical treatments related to obesity, and $1.8 billion just for diet books -- all told, nearly 3 percent of the overall U.S. economy."

In short, there is too much money being made getting people fat and selling them the solution for America's problem to be solved anytime soon.
Toni Brayer MD said…
Cary, that is an interesting view that I had not considered. The diet industry must be billions in itself!
Sylvia Saadati said…
For those of you who are aware of the problems incurred by our highly acidic lifestyles, you should be trying to Alkalize your bodies. Our fat cells actually save many of our lives by storing the excess acid waste our bodies produce. Alkalize and the fat cells are no longer needed, our other systems function as they were designed and the internal environment of our bodies disable the ability of the life choice diseases to exist. See my website for more info if you like. Also, in reference to the "financial bottom line", you might want to read Kevin Trudeau. You DO decide your own health and must make your own choices--best you be as informed as possible and not rely entirely on MD's who were schooled in schools financed by the Pharmaceutical Co.s etc.
Anonymous said…
For fat advocates the cry of discrimination is a legitimate civil rights issue. This group tries to link obesity with the American's With Disabilities Act and cites evidence that a supersized body is not within the individual's control. Why exercise self control and take responsibility for your own health when you can complain about discrimination? Indeed, some cultures think fat is beautiful, but it is still not healthy. In practical terms, does that mean they get 2 seats on an airplane because they can't fit in one?
Anonymous said…
That picture makes me angry too! How dare he even think about wearing that with no clothes to cover it up. I've never heard of the "chew and relax" I might have to try that because I just scarfed down some Chinese food. Eating right is more important than exercise. Its hard to burn fat that should be there anyway.
Anonymous said…
You know, they have found that there is something that each American is drinking or did drink that contains a substance that causes the stem cells in the body to create more fat cells. Interestingly, each of the "new" fat cells contain insuline. No one knows for sure what is going on, but it looks like somebody's stem-cell project, and it's not good! Remember when coke changed their recipe and then changed it back??
frank57 said…
As an American living in England,I say the the US fat problem has to do with lifestyle. People in England walk everywhere,and are provided with footpaths and side walks all over the country.In restaurants the portions are much smaller and people generally tend to eat smaller portions at home. Europeans have much more free time than the Americans with up to 6 weeks paid vacations, so they tend to be more active outside their homes.Even people from lower economic backgrounds are generally less fat than the ones in the US, although as a group they do tend to be heavier.The other problem is the lack of enjoyment many Americans get out of just consuming small tasty portions at a relaxed pace. No wonder our company from back home always feel impelled to complain that they are being ripped off when ordering at the pub over here.
KoolBlogger said…
The reason why America is obese is because of the ignorance and lack of responsibility of consumers. Many people in America do not know what a nutrient, calorie, or carbohydrate is. The majority of Americans are unaware of the gap between a healthy diet, because nowadays we eat what we want instead of what we need.

Read more: http://healthmad.com/children/america-under-the-overweight-problem-pt-one-of-2/#ixzz2VrNaYTZj
Anonymous said…
Tolerance and we enable our society to feel it's ok to be over weight. I don't belive it's the economy or food choices or vehicles or jobs that have us sitting on our butts. I work in an office job and drive everywhere and have the same food choices as everyone else and I'm 5'5'' and weigh 220 pounds with less then 6% bodyfat. But I'm also a nationally ranked bodybuilder who works out everyday. I think the problem is that we as Americans except being fat and make excuses why that is. I have kids, I work too much I have a 10 year old injury. All are excuses and we have become a excuse and lazy society. If we changed the way we looked at life and the way we live this problem will go away. The problem is being fat and obese is the norm here and people like me are looked at as freaks because of our dedication. This will take a complete culture change in order for this to happen so we would have to start by teaching children at a young age basic nutrition and fitness lifestyles so they grow up knowing this and don't just eat and do whatever. They know what their body needs and they eat to live instead of living to eat.

Just my opinion
Max said…
Ha ha ha! Not getting fat is so simple. I don't get how you guys over there in the US manage to screw it up.

Forget about the food. All you have to do is RUN! Run, run, run! Run for hours a day! Run for you life! If you're fat, then you're just not running enough! It's that simple.
Anonymous said…
The reason why Americans are so fat is because of greed. America is the most greedy national on the face of this planet, always wanting more than they need and this is true for the population too, eating way more than they actually need.

This is another reason why Americans are constantly starting fights with other countries so that they can take everything for themselves, greed, greed and more greed, that is America and it's people, biblically stupid, easily brain washed and fatter than anything you can imagine.

As babies, Americans MUST be fed LARD or how else can one explain the hideousness of fat Americans?
Anonymous said…
I don't think that this guy is obese. I think that he has a beer belly. If he was fat then his thighs and back would also be droppy with fat.
Buy Cialis said…
It is amazing how Americans are getting fatter and fatter, I think the main issue is the laziness, people dont work out, or dont do sports, they eat and eat and dont do anything to burn all that junk food.
cheap viagra said…
Americans did not do any physical activity, I think that it is the most important reason why the American are so fat, I wouldn't like be like the man in the picture!22dd
Anonymous said…
I'm American and for many years I was obese. I used make excuses for it but in reality it was the simple fact I am lazy.

Reality hit me one night while looking at photos of myself and I decided to finally use the gym membership I had been paying for 3 years but only used twice.

I lost about 8 pounds the first month and so I decided to keep going. No goals, no help, no support from any friends. Seemed almost as if they did not like to see me go. They would not even compliment me or admit they saw any change in my weight.

Now I have lost a little over 60 lbs and every day I get asked by the very same people what magic diet pill I used or what special food I am eating.

They always have the same sad and disappointed looks when I tell them I decided not to be lazy anymore. I simply ate healthy and used a cardio machine for one hour while keeping my heart rate at 135. I did this every day for 6 months and lost all the weight. I went from a size 40 to a size 32.

I think the real reason people in general and not just Americans are fat is simply becaus we are lazy. Doesn't matter what country we live in becaus there are fat people all over the world. We are all lazy, me included.
Anonymous said…
The reason why American children can't play outside anymore is because there are so many kids getting abducted by sex offenders and kids getting kidnapped and killed! But I have to agree with everything else that this Post says, American people are pretty fat and we do have food everywhere we go.
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Anonymous said…
Are u kidding me?
Americans are fat cuz they dont value health. They rather make money than take care of their body. Plus they follow that retarded food pyramid. The geains part is not healthy at all. Eat what the body is designed for. Fruits and veggies and water with very very little meat if any. No pills vitamins protein piwder or anything else. If u eat chips or cakes just know whats goong to happen.
Kent said…
Kids need to get off their lousy butts and stop watching so much TV and go outside and play. When I was a kid that is what we did. I still do I go outside and play and I am in my mid 40s. Shoot I look better then people half my age.

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