Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Give an Hour - mental health for vets

Just when I feel so discouraged about the direction our country is headed, I get a lift by learning about a new organization that is developing a national network of mental health professionals that will provide free care for returning Iraq and Afghanistan vets and their families.

"Give an Hour" is a non-profit of volunteer mental health professionals across the United States that will donate an hour a week of continuing care, support and treatment...free to the vet or his family. They provide easy access to skilled professionals for people affected by war.

Our combat vets are coming home with depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder and feelings of disassociation. It can be a surreal experience to re-enter American life and carry the horrors of war inside when everyone else is going about life as usual. Many of these men and women fail to seek or receive appropriate care and their families are also struggling with the changes war has brought.

According to Medical News Today about 1.8 million veterans are uninsured and lack access to VA hospitals. Give an Hour is helping to bridge that gap.

If you are, or know of , a psychiatrist, psychologist or psych social worker, please pass this link on to her.

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