Surgical Model

In my medical training, oh so many years ago, we learned from cadavers. While this was a good way to learn basic anatomy, the physiology of how the body worked was a slower process. Thanks to Unbounded Medicine for this look at the way students can learn now. This reproduction of a patient was crafted with animal organs that really give the student a much better idea of how the body functions.


K said…
Yeeeeah, those intestines are why I am not a doctor. Also, the whole "you are actually cutting on someone and you can't exactly un-cut them if you screw up" part, too.

That said, that thing is pretty darn neat.
Toni Brayer MD said…
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Toni Brayer MD said…
The neat thing about this model is that the student can intubate the patient and inflate the lungs to see if the tube is positioned properly. Better to do it on the dummy than in a real situation.
Well my "Hat off" to people that dedicate their life to help others in such a "bloody " situation , life and death . It takes real dedication .

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