China - Recycled Condoms

It's amazing what dangers and weirdness one can find on the world wide web! The latest comes from China Daily and New Express Daily which reports used condoms are being reprocessed into rubber bands and hair ties. They are being sold at local bazaars and even beauty salons.

First we have poisoned dog food, followed by "date rape" tainted kids toys and now used condoms? It goes without saying that this is a serious public health risk from viruses, HIV and Hepatitis. It's both disgusting and dangerous.

I'm happy to report that "an official from the Guangzhou administration of industry and commerce said it was against the law to make or sell goods from used condoms." That is reassuring.

China better get it together before the Olympics. When hair twisties are dangerous, there isn't much left.


Rich said…
My question do they collect said condoms for recycle? Is it a law in China to turn them in?
Toni Brayer MD said…
I did a post on the sad state of garbage haulers in China a few months ago. This takes it to a new level, doesn't it?
Anonymous said…
hi my name is tinna i am conserne5d about this recycled condom bit because i use rubberbands alot an i dont want to get sick are my friends an family as well i have very young niece s an i use them in there hair as well i think they should out law them from saleing them at all because who in there right mind would want to use used of all things condoms wich can kill someone if they catch hiv because of chinas stupididy with used condoms i no i will never buy another rubberband or anything rubber from china again thank you they should be sued tinna
Buy Cialis said…
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