Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas - Too Early for Joy

It makes me a little crazy to see Christmas ornaments and music before Thanksgiving. Way before Thanksgiving. I saw some displays before Halloween.

I like my holidays to fall sequentially. It makes me feel like there is a natural order to things. Labor day should be hot and school should start AFTER Labor day. Our kids schools start the Wednesday (can you believe they start school on a Wednesday?) BEFORE Labor day. That means no family travel on that last long weekend. It means using that week to buy school supplies and make sure the kid has closed toed shoes. It's obscene.

Halloween should be all about the kids and crazy costumes and high fructose corn syrup..I mean candy. I'm OK with the commercial Halloween shops and scary decorations and it is a time that grownups can "get their freak" on also.

But when I see Santa and the reindeer right behind the pumpkin display, it is disorienting. Is it not enough to receive 20 catalogues a day to stimulate the buying frenzy? Do we have to double up on our commercial holidays just to squeeze another credit card buy from the consumer?

The fake snow and "Happy Holidays" are turning me off. I'm not ready for glitter or sparkly lights or Santa. There should be a natural progression that goes with seasonal and emotional changes.

I refuse to partake in the frenzy and the fake.


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Rich said...

Good post, closed toed shoes must mean private school -at least they do in my city. The kids in public school wear flip flops right through Winter.

I agree about the natural progression

Mark said...

I agree so much that I wrote a cartoon on the topic. Thought you might get a kick out of it.

Julian said...

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