Medical Quiz - How Smart Are you?

Which condition could cause this type of finding in the mouth? (Click on illustration to get a close up view ). Answer will be posted tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
I think it is sulfonurea drug reaction. It looks like black hairy tongue but crazy severe.
Jonathan said…
I also think this is a sulfonylurea drug reaction.
Hard Rider said…
I vote for either #2 or #5. My first choice is Candida infection. Fabu blog. I read it every day.
K said…
#3 or 4. I don't think it's candida because aren't thrush infections whitish? I'm going to guess, though, that commenters 1 and 2 are right.
Anonymous too said…
In addition to looking gross, it looks complicated enough to be more than one thing . . . even though it's not a choice, how about "all of the above?"
Number 5 , treat with antibiotics

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