Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Day Relaxing Medical Trivia

Here is more EverythingHealth trivia to read, marvel at, and appreciate just how wacky and wonderful our world is:
  • You have 10 quadrillion cells inside your body. The mitochondria in each cell are so tiny that you can pack a billion into a grain of sand.
  • Given an adequate supply of nutrients - a single bacterium could produce 280,000 billion offspring in a day. (Wash your hands please)
  • If you compare your genes with any other human being, they will be about 99.9% the same. It's the endless recombination of genes that make us what we are!
  • How fast a man's beard grows is partly a function of how much he thinks about sex. (Because thinking about sex causes a testosterone surge)
  • The average distance between stars is 20 million million miles.
  • Americans drink 17.5 ounces of sugary beverages a day. (No wonder we are fat. Stop it!)
  • 79% of Americans feel that current American culture makes it hard to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • $10,402 is the average cost of a broken leg. (Make sure you don't lose your health insurance)
  • Netflix mails out 1.6 million DVDs a day (I'll be watching all weekend!)
I give thanks to "A short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson for many of these interesting facts.

I also appreciate all the readers and comments for EverythingHealth because writing this blog keeps me on my toes and prevents Alzheimer's by making me think!

If you are reading this from another aren't celebrating the pilgrims and turkey, but give thanks anyway for something wonderful in your life.

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Rich said...

Happy Thanksgiving Toni -I'm watching the Macy's day parade as I write this.

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