Friday, November 2, 2007

Worst Health Care Scams

Open any magazine and you will see them. A miracle product that will make you thinner, sexier, healthier, live longer, more virile or more beautiful. Here is my vote for the years Worst Health Scams. They have no scientific merit but are great examples of compelling advertising.

1. Hoodia (Hoodia Gordonii) - When they say "As mentioned on Oprah" a red flag should go up. I don't know if this rare plant from Africa works when boiled down, but the capsules are definitely a scam. My favorite Hoodia ads say "Don't believe the scam..we have the real Hoodia". If Hoodia worked, we wouldn't be so fat.

2. Cellulite Creams - Rubbing creams or herbs on the skin does not break down cellulite (darn!!)
Cellulite is fat. You can't rub fat away.

3. Blue Green Algae - This swamp weed doesn't give you energy, cure allergies, cut sugar craving or cure your cat of leukemia. Trust me.

4. Colon Cleansers - I have good news for you. Your colon is not "toxic". Your colon does not have huge worms living inside. Your fecal matter is not stuck to the colon for months or years. If you want your GI tract to work well, eat more fiber and natural food. Period.

5. Penis Enlargements - Here is the truth. None of them work.

6. Breast Enlargement Cream - Here is the truth. None of them work. (But ladies, we can have an advantage here with surgery, unlike the guys. Sorry guys!)

7. Royal Jelly - This has been around for decades. I have always wondered how you would ever know it is "Royal" from the queen bee. It doesn't matter. There is no evidence that it does anything except cost a lot.

There are hundreds of scams out there. Save your money for a massage and a glass of wine. That is something that DOES work.


Anonymous said...

How about all of the vitamins and supplements that are supposed to increase your memory or give you more energy. There are hundreds and I don't think any of them have any proven merit.

Rich said...

good post. Thanks for exposing these scam, No wonder my penis hasn't gotten any bigger :)

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

At the turn of the century (LAST CENTURY)there was electromagnetic quackery that was supposed to cure all of the same conditions like fatigue, muscle aching, menstrual cramps and digestive disorders. Somehow those conditions are always with us.

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