Thursday, December 6, 2007

Answer to Quiz #3

The answer is # 5 Dupuyten's contracture

The flexion contractures of Dupuytren's involves the flexor tendons of the hands and creates a contracture that is not painful. The cause is unknown and treatment is surgical release of the tendons.


John Robertson said...

I just thought you ought to know that there is a new procedure that is in clinical trials at UCLA for a less envasive treatment for Dupuytrens using Clostridial Colllagenase for injections (I am a guinea-pig in the experimental trials that just started at UCLA) which will take about a year for them to be completed. After that there will be a wait period for FDA approval. You can see my hand they are working on my blog at: No surgery and less invasive than the needle aponeurotomy.


Judy S said...

got it again! Toni: don't always make the right answer the last one, or I will have competition for my standing as Best Quiz Answerer :)

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