Medical Quiz-How Smart Are You #5

I saw Cirque du Soleil this week. It is a wonderful acrobatic extravaganza and one act had three beautiful girls who did amazing, flexible things with their bodies that looked absolutely unreal.
I am sure they had this condition. Can you name it? Click on the image for a closer look.
Answer will be posted tomorrow.


I'm going with Ehlers.

can't say I've ever seen a case of it though. Just remember reading about it in medical school.

I don't remember Marfan having anything to do with being flexible. I don't have a clue what

Turner's I don't remember anything about them being flexible.
Anonymous said…
I had a friend in grade school with this condition. i think its called Marfan's...that's my guess.
DL said…
I am guessing but I think it is #4 because it is latin for "elastic". Great quiz!
Judy S said…
#4 is my guess, based on a single recognizable phrase :) or perhpas #1?

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