Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Clorox Goes Green

I love the green movement because it helps people think about the environment. The first step to any change is conscious thought. We can't change what we don't know.

Now The Clorox Co., the Oakland firm that introduced bleach to America a century ago, is marketing natural, biodegradable household cleaners called "Green Works". More than 99% of the ingredients in "Green Works" are natural and nonpetrochemical. They break down within 28 days and do not harm the environment. And they are not tested on animals. What's not to like?

Think about it. We are closed ecosystem. Nothing goes anywhere except back to the earth or it's atmosphere. Conventional cleaning products are made from petrochemicals that do not biodegrade. They get into our groundwater and watersheds. If you have to wear gloves to use them, that is a tip you don't want them in the soil.

Most of us don't have the time, extra money or inclination to drive (using gas) to a special "green " store to get our overpriced green detergent. It is great that a large company is going "green" and these products will be mainstream in Walmart. I don't care if it is a niche for their bottom line profits. Go ahead, make a profit on doing something good for a change.

It is reassuring to me that the Sierra Club has endorsed the new Clorox products. Carl Pope, the brilliant executive director of The Sierra Club said "We hope we are transforming the marketplace by doing this. These products are clean, they're green, they're not going to hurt you, and they're not going to hurt the environment."

I hope Clorox posts record profits this year.

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Kim said...

Interesting. I've been using something called "Simple Green" for many cleaning jobs, long before Cloro came out with their version - it will be interesting to see how they are different.

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