Saturday, January 26, 2008

IQ - Why do Men Think They are Smarter?

A number of studies have shown that "men" think they are better looking than they really are and "women" often underestimate their good looks, thinking they are less attractive. It should come as no surprise that the same holds true when it comes to intelligence.

Adrian Furnham, a professor of psychology at University College London, reported that men and women have fairly equal IQ's but men think they are smarter than they really are and women underestimate their own brain power. In 30 international studies, the men overstated their intelligence and women underplayed it. This happens in Japan, Argentina, Britain, Zimbabwe and America. What is going on here?

Another interesting fact is that both men and women think their sons are smarter than their daughters. So those perceptions are passed on to the kids and keep the myth going.

Women in the workplace talk about this all the time. Men are so confident about their abilities and they think they are capable of anything. They speak forcefully, can dominate the discussion and are often looked to as the experts...even when the women in the room are smarter and have better track records. The most assertive female is often seen as aggressive, yet if you compare styles, she is likely less dominant than the males in the room.

Confidence and self-belief may be what propels men forward. It doesn't hurt to think you are better looking than you really are too.


Rich said...

Some men have issues with power for sure. Most men think with their penis' anyway - Not excluding myself here.

Raymond Bouchayer said...

Well I am not going to argue with the universe about how I look . I am "stuck " with what was given me and that is OK
Now I have been blessed by knowing what is pretty or not and you Dr. Toni are as pretty as ever ............and you are super intelligent ....sacre bleue !

carymc said...

Ha. My life became much simpler when I realized and accepted the fact that I am ugly and stupid.

Dr. Ding said...

Brilliant observation! Love the blog.

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