Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Medical Quiz 2008 - #2

Here is your 2nd medical diagnosis challenge of 2008. This patient has fatigue, fever, anorexia and weight loss and this appearance of her gums. What is the diagnosis? Click on the image for a better view:
1. Leukemia
2. Scurvy (Vit C deficiency)
3. Acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV)
4. Sarcoidosis
5. Pellagra (Vit B3-niacin-deficiency)

Check back tomorrow to see if you are correct.

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Raymond Bouchayer said...

Hi Dr. Toni .. I go for # 2 Scurvy

jd said...

What scary gums! I vote for #3-Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome because of the weight loss and fatigue and mouth infection.

Rich said...

One thing is for sure that's a mouth I wouldn't want to kiss.

Jonathan said...

I'll go with acute leukemia.

The Happy Hospitalist said...

I learned something today. I had no idea about the association with leukemia. Thanks!

They just tend to look like ratty old person teeth/gums, that I'm used to.


vikash0706 said...

leukemia aml m4 or m5

Pooja said...

i guess its leukaemia

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