Medical Quiz 2008 #3

This one is really really hard. I missed it myself but I guarantee, when I see it in a patient...I will know what it is. Click on the image for a better view.

What is the diagnosis?
1. Cutaneous leishmanaisis
2. Cutaneous larva migrans
3. Epidermoid cyst
4. Furuncular myiasis
5. Tungiasis

Check back tomorrow for the answer.


jd said…
Come-on! Give us a break. These are getting too hard. It is a guess but I will say #2 cutaneous lei..something.
# 1 is my guess , but then do not let me near any patients, guessing is not a good diagnosing tool .....
Anonymous said…
I believe it is #3 - epidermoid cyst.
Dr.Ding said…
Epidermoid. Looks like a tooth to me, sans hair.


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