Medical Quiz 2008 #4

How smart are you? What is your Diagnosis? Click on the image to get a better view.
#1. Dental abscess
#2 Neurofibromatosis
#3 Cleft jaw
#4 Hemiatrophy syndrome
#5 Mandibular fracture
Check back tomorrow for the answer!


Anonymous said…
It dies not look like an abscess but it might be a cleft jaw. I have never heard of a cleft jaw but it might be like a cleft palate? Thanks
JD said…
I think it is a mandibular fracture. #5
Linda Fairchild said…
At your medical office, the business people are guessing "Hemiatrophy syndrome" (something to with half?)
Dr.Ding said…
Dude got some busted teeths.

I should probably stick to my scope of practice.
Ralf said…
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