Medical Quiz 2008 - How Smart Are You?

This common condition was seen in the oldie actor and comic, W.C. Fields. Can you pick the right diagnosis? Click on the image for a closer view. The answer will be posted tomorrow.


I'm going with Rhinophyma
Anonymous said…
I think it is a form of Lupus, so #3. It also could be leprosy..was than an option?
Jonathan said…
Another vote for Rhinophyma.
Rhinophyma .....Rhino ,Latin for nose...yes I'll go for # !
GingerB said…
Why is Rosecea not the right answer?

Isn't this what happens with untreated Rosecea?
Toni Brayer MD said…
Rhinophyma and rosacea have been thought to be related as both cause a "ruddy" complexion but Rhinophyma can occur without rosacea and most rosacea does not develop into the sever bulbous nose of Rhinophyma. Also, it doesn't look like preventive treatment detours the development of Rhinophyma. Thanks for asking!
Anonymous said…
Remembering the general appearance of W.C. Fields, the depiction of the nose could easily be consistent sign/symptom of Wegener's disease/syndrome.

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