Blue Cross-Outrageous Behavior

Blue Cross Insurance has now sunk to a new low. They have written letters to their "preferred providers" (I resigned from being 'preferred' years ago!) asking them to inform on patients who had preexisting conditions so they could rescind a patient's health care coverage.

The insurer is sending letters to doctors with the patient's insurance application, asking doctors to tell them immediately if the patient is seen for any condition they didn't disclose on the application. The letters say, “We ask your assistance to identify medical omissions because you, being the primary care provider, will have first-hand knowledge of services provided and/or requested.” This includes pregnancy and any other condition not disclosed.

The California Medical Association (CMA) has urged State Regulators to immediately order Blue Cross of California to stop. Asking doctors to share private health information with insurers is probably unlawful, unethical and disturbs the doctor patient relationship.

Wellpoint is the parent company of Blue Cross in many states, including California. Is it not enough that Wellpoint reported $61 billion in revenues for 2007? According to Business Week , Larry Glasscock, CEO of Wellpoint collected $46.2 million in total compensation in 2005. That's a nice hunk of change and it is now 2008. Their profits continue to rise. Are Doctors now expected to be informers for Blue Cross underwriting department?

Blue Cross states it is sending the letters to keep costs "at a minimum." Yes, those damn patients with medical costs certainly do eat into profits!


K said…, I'm everso glad they're my insurer!

I feel more justifed by the minute in calling them sucky.
ERP said…
Wow that is nauseating. I hope most docs don't rat out their patients.
Toni Brayer MD said…
Erp: I truly believe there is not one doc who would go for it!
K: don't despair.You are covered and that is a good thing.
DrWes said…
Here's a suggestion: Get name of the President of Blue Cross California (I think it's Brian Sassi) and submit his name as having bipolar disorder and acute psychosis. Maybe then they'd stop this nonsense...
Rich said…
Ruthless, simply ruthless!!!
Healthnut said…
I recently filled out the NEW LENGTHY Blue Cross application. Even if the doctors choose to ignore Blue Cross (which I applauded them for), Blue Cross will find another way, ie. old bills. BTW, upon filling out the new application, they needed my old insurance info as a reference. I am not getting insurance independently but through an employer. I've posted some of those questions here:
carymc said…
Further proof that insurance companies are vile and that something must change about the way health care is done (or not done, actually) in this country.
Anonymous said…
BCBS recently sent me a letter saying that they were "re-reviewing" my claims and had a few questions. I read from other people online that ignoring them is the best way to avoid that trap. Most likely they are trying to prove existing conditions, which they've already tried to do before and failed.
How exactly is this better than a universal government health plan?

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