Christine Aguilera - Perfect C-Section

Christine Aguilera is a talented, beautiful young woman who is all over the magazines and internet with her beautiful new baby. It is a lovely sight to see and I am sure she influences young women around the world on the wonders of new motherhood. But my eyes and ears perked up when I read that she had a planned, elective (read "Doctor, I want that!") C-section at 37 weeks because "I'd heard horror stories about tearing. I really wanted a calm and peaceful environment. I didn't want any surprises."

Now I don't blame a 27 year old narcissistic diva for how she feels. I also understand the fears new prospective mothers have about their changing bodies, new responsibilities and major life changes a child brings. But where are the doctors in all of this? Is this the new trend? C-Sections, rather than nature's natural childbirth for anyone who asks?

Cesarean Section childbirth is major surgery. The abdominal wall and muscles are cut as well as the uterus.

There is a higher risk of blot clots following a C-section than a vaginal birth. Hysterectomy is more common after cesarean. The risk of maternal death is higher.

The risk of uterine infection is much higher after a C-section than it is after a vaginal birth. There is usually a longer hospital stay for the mother, and she is at a higher risk of being re-admitted to the hospital later for complications.

The severity and length of pain after a Cesarean is much greater than after a vaginal birth. You may feel more pain during a vaginal birth than you would during a Cesarean. But shortly after birth most of that pain will be gone (unless you receive intervention such as episiotomy). Pain from Cesarean surgery continues on into the early weeks and for some women, months.

C-Sections that are done in life threatening situations are necessary and preferable to any risk to the mother or baby. Elective, planned C-Sections because the mom is "afraid" or "vain" or just misinformed is really an indictment of the medical community.

I suspect we will have many young women wanting to follow in Mama Aguilera's footsteps. It will be interesting to follow the C-Section rates over the next few years.


Rich said…
It seems these birthing methods come in trends. When my kids were born everyone wanted natural childbirth.
K said…
C-sections have been more common, it seems, among the celebrity set. I'm pretty sure Britney delivered that way as well.

It's like, yeah, you won't get a horrible tear down there, but you're trading the possibility of that for the guarantee of pretty much being sliced open like a hog.

(Yeah, I know it's crude and medically inaccurate, but seriously, do these chicks think at all?)
labortrials said…
You're also more likely to have your birthing options limited for you after a cesarean. You're more likely to be made fearful of vaginal birth after a cesarean, and that's just fine for the hospitals, cesarean-happy providers, and insurance companies.

The latest blow to my reproductive future was being told that my scar is too thin to consider a trial of labor. Well, I'll be getting second and third opinions on THAT one.

There are so many reasons to avoid that primary cesarean if a woman can. Too bad that we don't find out what that cesarean costs us until after the cut has been made.
TBTAM said…
I fault her doctor for performing the surgery.

Great post.
Ileana said…
Britney had preeclampsia. The disease is the most common reason for a real need to have a c-section.

I will thank my doctors forever for allowing and encouraging vaginal deliveries on my both complicated/high-risk pregnancies.
Anonymous said…
its 2008 people, doctors can perform things way better than in history. after 28 hours long grueling labor and pushing with forceps, i had a csection. i am on my 3rd csection now, and i would not want it any other way. besides, who wants to stretch out your parts? i feel fine in my decision, and my places havent been damaged.
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