Medical Quiz #6

Here is our latest medical challenge and it is very common. What is the diagnosis? Click on the image for a better view and check back tomorrow for the answer:
1. Molluscum contagiosum
2. Pearly penile papules
3. Secondary syphilis
4. Obstruction of smegma-producing gland
5. Condyloma accuminatum


Anonymous said…
Wow, now here is a good challenge.
I think it is condyloma.
ERP said…
I think it is #2, the pearly penile papules.
ArkieRN said…
2. Pearly penile papules
Anonymous said…
2. I agree. PPP.
I'll go for #2 ..however !
Whatever it is this gentleman should put it back in his pants and leave the ladies alone ...
Rich said…
You don't want to go near that guy tonight.
Anonymous said…
Its the Condyloma accuminatum...casued by papillomavirus.
Anonymous said…
It's PPP I have it and so does 10-50% of males.
Ebenezer said…
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