One Year of Blogging

It was about a year ago that I became a blogoholic and started EverythingHealth. I've learned there are three different types of blogs. Anonymous bloggers that can say just about anything and rant and rave in an interesting fashion, companies or commercial blogs and blogs like mine that are transparent (you know who I am) and just want to express a point of view. Because I do a medical blog, I am particularly careful that the facts and information I give are accurate and have the best science behind it. I try to stay non-political (gosh that has been hard!!!) and kind.

I've learned that I get the most visits when another blog links to one of my posts (Thanks Kevinmd, Grand Rounds). I've learned that most people get to my blog via a search engine (Thanks Google and Yahoo). My wish, of course, is that people will be regular visitors and check every day or so and read everything! You can sign up for new posts via alerts. It's easy and safe with no spam.

I have had visitors from as far away as Bangladesh and Dubai. It is so exciting to see overnight visits from Spain, Ireland, Phillipines, Africa, India, England, Australia and China. I imagine someone far away reading an old post on "subdural hematoma" or "Cigarette Additives" or "Masaii Medicine". Still, the most visited post is "Do Doctors Make Too Much Money" and it is fascinating to me that people from all over the world read that one.

Please take a minute to look at the right side. I love my little widgets (see the new one that lets you look at walking routes in your own neighborhood...very cool). Also check out my links to my favorite blogs. Some are medical and some are funny or interesting.

I am grateful for all of the new blogger friends I have made and for the help and tips that experienced bloggers have given to me. It is the best kind of web village you can imagine.

Thank you for visiting and letting me have a reason to indulge in my addiction. Writing this blog makes me smarter and I feel like I have done my tiny part to promote health, knowledge and friendship around the World.


JD said…
Thanks you, Dr. for the great information and interesting writing. I always visit your blog! Keep it up.
Juno said…
great writing. I always enjoy your blog. It would be wonderful to have a discussion forum on health and everything, as part of your site. People have some pretty good comments on your site some times and they also offer their own home grown health knowledge. I love when you have video on your blog Have you ever thought of video blogging?
What is the best way to find myself a good internist in the San Francisco Area?
Rich said…
Happy anniversary Toni!!! I enjoy reading your blog - keep up the great fun you're having.
Jonathan said…
Thank you for your informative, interesting, and indefatigable efforts to keep your readers informed. (I also appreciate the medical mystery pictures). I look forward to more pearls in the future, which I see as a continuing education in my quest to maintain my health.
Terry Finley said…
I thank you for your blog, also. I am an ex navy physician assistant turned salesman turned writer. The best to you.
Toni Brayer MD said…
Thanks to all of you. I appreciate your kind words and always learn from your comments.
DrWes said…
Congrats on a full year and looking forward to the next.
Dr. Toni is the greatest and I did notice that all the comments are from men !!!!

As a patient of Dr. Toni for many years and having seen other physicians throughout the world I have to say that Dr, Toni's professionalism , care and attention is unsurpassed and everyone in her care is a lucky person.
Toni Brayer MD said…
Wow, many thanks to all. And Raymond, I have lots of women patients too!.
Thank you for your wonderful articles on your blog. I wish I lived in northern CA so I could also be one of your patients. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary!

Linda Cole Leighton
TBTAM said…
Just foudn you today via Kevin Md, and put you on my blogroll. Great blog.

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