Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sweet Soft Drinks, Fructose Linked to Gout

The British Journal of Medicine reported on a 12 year study that showed sugar-sweetened soft drinks and fructose increased the incidence of gout.

Gout is the most common arthritis in men and its prevalence has doubled in the United States within the past few decades. Coincidentally, that is the same period in which fructose sweetened soft drinks represent the largest single source of calories in the U.S. diet. The researchers found that men (study age 40-75 years) who drank more sweetened drinks had more gout proportional to the number of drinks a week. It included sweetened fruit juices and soft drinks but not diet drinks.

What is interesting about this study is that we were never taught in Med School that soft drinks are a trigger for gout. If you research gout, you will find advice to avoid meats, gravy, tofu and purine rich foods such as seafood, oatmeal, peas, lentils, spinach, asparagus and cauliflower. The idea of limiting or eliminating fructose is rarely (or never) mentioned. Could we be giving the wrong advise? Sure we could and we probably are!

A gout attack will definitely give you a bad day! This study is another reason to never drink artificially sweetened drinks. Fructose is no-ones friend.


Anonymous said...

My husband had gout and was told not to eat meat or alcohol. He takes preventive medicine daily. This is really interesting. He doesn't drink colas but we do drink fruit juice. I am going to check it for fructose. Thanks.

Rich said...

Get those feet away from me sister!!!

Raymond Bouchayer said...

It used to be called the rich people disease .....but with all the garbage that is put in our drinks and food it is now everyone decease...........Virgin Coconut oil...........don't take my word for it "Google "it

Healthnut said...

No, you're not given the wrong advise, just not the proper advice. Ever wonder why most CME classes are sponsored by the pharmaceutical/biotech industry?

ERP said...

I have read something interesting about the historical notions of what caused gout - ie, why it was called the "rich man's disease" and how port was implicated. One word. Lead. Apparently rich people back in the day especially in the UK stored their port (and probably other drinks as well) in crystal containers with a high lead content. Over time, the lead leaches out and gets into the port. Lead is known to cause crystal precipitation in joints - hence how gout got linked to port and wealth. Also, rich people ate well compared to the poor - since protein metabolism is involved with the formation of crystals, it goes to say that if you were poor and could not afford to eat much that had significant protein in it, you would likely not get gout. You certainly could not afford port and crystal decanters! The book I read this in is fantastic, it's called "The Elements of Murder" by John Emsley, a British Phd Pharmacologist I believe. Fascinating stuff indeed.

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That's why I hate artificial softened drinks so much. they tastes so bad actually I prefer water!

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