Scary Technology- At Home Paternity Test

We should have expected that this day would come and here it is. Consumers can now purchase an at home test kit for men to solve that age old question "Hey, is that funny looking kid really mine?"

A company called Identigene has developed a paternity test that is available over the counter at Rite Aid and Meijer drugstores. The test costs $29.99 and there is an additional $119 for lab fees. The kit includes swabs for the mother, child and alleged father. After the swab is taken, just slip it in the postage paid envelope for processing by a Salt Lake City lab. Voila...results in 3-5 days and then the agony can begin.

The website also offers family/marriage or genetic counselors. That is probably the most valuable aspect.


Anonymous said…
Just like when I watch Jerry Springer and those crazies go on National TV to find out the baby is not theirs. I always feel sorry for the kids. Some technology just shouldn't be invented!
Cary said…
Love the new pic, Dr. T. What a hottie you are!
Cary said…
"Alleged father".. HA HA! I like the phrase. I want a t-shirt with that on it.
Toni Brayer MD said…
cary: Hottie,'s brainpower that counts. But thanks! ha ha

Fascinating!! I love your new photo too. I still see that same sparkle in your eyes as in high school. I totally agree with you about the brainpower though. I see all of these young girls from when I taught and also my daughter's age (now in their mid-twenties) who are so focused on the right clothes and are talking about plastic surgery. It's very sad!!!
Marilyn said…
I work for Identigene and I think it is surprising the reasons people buy this test. Young and old are getting answers to questions. Some are looking for medical reasons, others just want to know the truth. After speaking to so many clients it is my opinion that this is a wonderful product and nothing like the TV shows.
viagra online said…
Same as it happened with pregnancy tests decades ago! I think it is a very important test. Great thing! thank you so much for sharing the information!
Mathew said…
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