Women, Now You Can...PEE STANDING UP!

Thanks to Rich in Boston for alerting me to the fact that women can now pee ("urinate" for you purists) standing up. You might think it is gross to talk about, but for women who are tired of laying toilet paper on the seats or using their quads until they tremble with fatigue, this is a novel idea. I like the handy little cardboard. Hope it is biodegradable, just like pee.


Anonymous said…
Maybe this is a joke, but I think it is way cool. I hate when I squat and dribble all over my shoe.
Char Lyn said…
I can not believe no one has thought of this before! This is the greatest thing and would have come in very handy during the 9 mile, 6 hour commute home in the midst of this seasons' first nor'easter.
uiyui said…
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Anonymous said…
You don’t need any special product to pee standing up. The notion that you can’t without some silly gadget is just a cultural delusion. All you have to do is stand with your feet apart and spread your vulva (often mistakenly called a “vagina”) with your fingers. You shouldn’t even need toilet paper.
The guy is totally just, and there is no skepticism.

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