Monday, April 21, 2008

Basic Genetics Quiz

Genetics and genomes are in the news every day. Genetics is the study of how human characteristics are inherited from one's parents. Since my son is studying genetics now in Science, here is a quiz to test your basic knowledge. The answers will be posted tomorrow. Have fun, and no "googling."

1. Genes are contained in a person's cells. About how many genes are in each human cell?
a. 100
b. 500
c. 5000
d. 25,000

2. What is the chemical that genes are made of that carries the genetic instructions for making living things?

3. Humans have 23 pairs (46 total) of packets of genes in a cell. What are these packets called?

4. When DNA is altered or changes, it is called a m________.

5. The order of nucleotides in DNA that produce specific sequences of amino acids is known as the____________ code.

6. The inherited pre-disposition to getting a medical disease (cancer, heart disease, certain mental illnesses, cystic fibrosis) is called a trait. These diseases can also be influenced by the ________________.

How did you do? Check back tomorrow for answers.


Anonymous said...

These are harder than I thought! I think I got them all.

Job said...

Dr. Toni, that son of yours is smarter than I if gets at least half of the questions correct.

Linda (Cole) Leighton said...

I think I remember all but one from my high school and U of A science classes.Thanks for the brain exercise!

Viagra said...

thanks for this quiz, this is so useful to me, I mean to show to children and help them in biology, all this matter is need in certain moment. said...

Wow, there is really much useful info here!

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