Bloggers Love Comments

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to readers of EverythingHealth. If you are from another country, I wish you a wonderful weekend also and hope you are having nice weather!

We bloggers love comments. It tells me that you are reading the blog and that what I have written stimulates you in some way...either good or bad. It is also a way for readers to add information or share an idea.

Due to recent spam in my comment section, I have added a word verification to cut down on electronic spam. I think it is pretty easy to use (I've done it on other blogs when I comment) so give it a try by commenting on this. Don't worry, your comments cannot generate spam to you.
Thanks for reading and please visit again soon.


Anonymous said…
Have a fun and Happy Memorial Day weekend to you too!! Kellie
Emily said…
I'm subscribed to your blog- I find it interesting.

I'm a pre-nursing student, so I'm soaking up everything I can about the health field!
Paul Eilers said…
I asked my father one time where he learned to like SPAM. He said it was while in the Army!

(I know this isn't about the post, but when I saw the cartoon for this post, it made me think about that conversation with my dad.
Toni Brayer MD said…
Paul: my mom used to feed us fried Spam. It was a quick and easy meal for her to prepare and we thought it was just fine. I'm sure she boiled carrots to go with it to make it a healthy meal. (Sorry, mom, if you are reading this!)

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