We Love Big Cars


Anonymous said…
I talked to a couple who were visiting San Francisco from London two weeks ago, and they thought our gas prices were a bargin since their's is equivalent to a little over $10 a gallon in London.
Toni Brayer MD said…
Kellie: The dollar is worth 1/2 a pound now. Is that price in dollars? It is true that gas is higher in Europe and they learned long ago to use public transportation and drive small economical cars. I only wish we had the public transportation that prevails in Europe. Trains and metros that make driving unnecessary.
Anonymous said…
I also asked him the same thing and he (the guy from London) and his wife figured out what it meant in American curancy, and yes, what we know it as is their gas is a little over $10.
He also said it had been steadily going up a little every day.

Even with my small car with good gas milage it gas gotten expensive.

He also asked if Hilary was going to solve our Health Care System probelms.
Rich said…
get out your bikes everyone
john said…
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lotto said…
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