Women's Choice

I came across a blog that I want to share with the readers of EverythingHealth. This New York gynecologist wrote a compelling blog on why she chose her specialty. It's worth a read here at The Blog That Ate Manhattan.


Anonymous said…
Once I worked in a private practice GYN office where one of the the two doctors would sometimes do abortions for only his established patients. When that happened it was handled in a caring professional manor, but there was a somber feeling among teh few employees involved, maybe a bit of understanding with sadness and no judgement. He had a loyal following and was very well liked his by his patients.
There was a patient who came in wanting a fifth abortion and he had done the last few and spent time talking to her about choosing a birth control method and had to warn her that it should not be used as a method of birth control and finally had to refuse doing the last one.
Anonymous said…
Excellent link to a well written blog about many reasons for a choice which females should have a right to have with dignity and respect, but should not be decided lightly or without responsiable deep thought.
Toni Brayer MD said…
I lived through the years before "Roe vs. Wade" and it was a terrible time for women, womens rights and compassion. I hope we will never go back.
Anonymous said…
I agree with you Dr. Brayer.
Not having lived through that time I can't imagine not having that right as a choice and option to be made if I ever needed one myself and for all females and would hate for girls and woman to have to resort to secetative dangerous, life threatening ones where in the past they died from.
I believe there are some very good reasons and different circumstances for it.
It seems that all the ones that are against abortion are not willing to pay for the up keep of the new born . What is better . A life of misery , living from place to place , maybe abused , no way to get an education ....."college" , a GED is not going to get you very far . This is such a sad situation but if you look at it from an economic point of view , paid abortion is less costly than a life of institutions and jails .
winner said…
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winner said…
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Generic Cialis said…
is a really a human decision take life? we have the power to give and create life, not to destrot it, so is not a women choice, is not a human choice.

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