Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fake Cancer Cures

It is sad when a patient is dealing with a diagnosis of cancer and believes there is a cure out there that the doctors don't know about or are keeping from them.

The internet provides more opportunities for a cruel form of greed where fake cancer cures can be dressed up as "scientific" and sold to desperate patients. Bogus cancer cures have been around for decades, but online searches can bring them right to the patient.

The FDA has published a list of "125 Fake Cancer Cures Consumers Should Avoid". Check it out here.

Firms that engage in cancer treatment fraud often use exaggerated claims that should be red flags to patients and families. Some of them are:

  • "Treats all forms of cancer"
  • "Skin cancers disappear"
  • "Shrinks malignant tumors"
  • "Non-toxic"
  • "Doesn't make you sick"
  • "Avoid painful surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or other conventional treatments"
  • "Treat Non Melanoma Skin Cancers easily and safely"
There is a big difference between investigational drugs that are being tested for efficacy and fraudulent products that have never been clinically tested or reviewed.


Anonymous said...

There is a 800 number for the American Cancer Society or National Cancer Society that has a 24/7 line staffed if they wanted to check out other resources like valid clinical trials as well as their web sites. And they offer a class called "Look Better Feel Better" which has cosmetic products that are made without chemical toxins and ideas about how to deal with the physical affects of chemo. like hair loss. A friend attended this class and said it was very posative, uplifting and helpful.

Toni Brayer MD said...

Anon: Thank you for that valuable information. TB

www.cadiz-3d.com said...

Really useful info, lots of thanks for your post.

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