Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Medical Challenge - What's the Diagnosis?

Here we go with this weeks medical mystery from the New England Journal of Medicine. I got it right! The patient is a smoker and his fingers turn whitish every time he is exposed to cold. What is the diagnosis that caused this severe lesion?
(click on the image for a better view)

1. Thromboangitis obliterans
2. Marantic endocarditis
3. Kawasaki disease
4. Brachial entrapment syndrome
5. Takayasu's arteritis

Take your best guess. The answer will be posted tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I think #4

Anonymous said...


Raymond Bouchayer said...

le#3 I.......guess

The Happy Hospitalist said...

that's gross. but i'll go with #1`. Isn't that another name for Berger's Syndrom (sp?)

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing it is # 1 because of the inflamed swelling.

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