Medical Challenge- You make the diagnosis

You make the diagnosis:
The patient is a 25 year old man who has a severe sore throat, some drooling and difficulty swallowing for the past day. His temperature is 100 and he has no appetite. When you look in his mouth and ask him to say "ahhh"...this is what you see.

What is the diagnosis:
1. Ludwig's angina
2. Glossopharyngeal nerve palsy
3. Pharyngeal gonorrhea
4. Bilateral peritonsillar abscess
5. Infectious mononucleosis

The answer will be posted tomorrow. Click on the image for a better view.


Dr. Know said…
#3 gonorrhea ( I THINK)
m.scott said…
Ludwig's Angina, based on the drooling and sore throat pain
Anonymous said…
number 4
ERP said…
tough one. What does his submandibular area look like? Social history? I would say Gonorrhoea or Mono unless he had massive swelling under his tongue as well.
#4 the lateral walls are covering the soft palate with only the uvula showing??? intubate quick.

can't be Ludwigs - by definition ludwigs is bilater submand and subling space cellulitis, the tongue doesn't look elevated.
Hey, there's a lot of effective info here!

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