Sunday, June 1, 2008

Medical Journal Update

I scan the Journals so you can watch "reality shows" on TV. Here are some interesting findings in the world of Medicine and Health:

Genes and Anxiety: Anxiety disorders are complex and researchers have provided the first evidence that a gene (RGS2) that influences anxiety in mice is associated with phenotypes for human anxiety disorders including childhood temperament, adult personality and brain function.
They also found a genetic connection for introversion.
(Anyone who has several kids knows they come out with different personality is more confirmation for Nature as the core. I've always said some people in our family "just don't have the anxiety gene." It's nice to be proven right.)
Archives of General Psychiatry

MRSA after Face-lift Surgery: Methicillin-resistant staph aureus (MRSA) infection is an increasingly problematic issue with all surgery. This study looked at patients who underwent face-lift surgery and subsequently developed MRSA post-op infections of the skin. They found two of the infections were complicated and required hospitalization and wound drainage. These MRSA infected patients had been in contact with health providers or hospitals prior to their surgery and the authors recommend well-developed screening , prevention and treatment strategies.
Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery

Depression in Adolescent Mothers: Teen pregnancy is on the rise again! Researchers looked at teens that had 2 pregnancies within two years. They found young moms who became pregnant again had depressive symptoms before the 2nd pregnancy. Depression may be an independent risk factor for subsequent pregnancy in African American adolescent mothers and they recommend improved recognition and treatment to avoid the risk of rapid subsequent pregnancy.
(I thought of Brittany Spears after reading this and her decompensation after the second birth.)
Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

Treatment of Colon Cancer and Medicaid: It has been said that the best predictor of health is income level. Researches investigated the influence of Medicaid (think: poverty) enrollment and the likelihood of receiving chemotherapy for treatment of colon cancer. They compared Medicaid (poor) and Medicare (old) patients and found that Medicaid patients were less likely to get chemotherapy, which affected the long term survival of these patients.
Archives of Internal Medicine

quote for the day:

"To feel compassion is to feel that we are in some sort and to some extent responsible for the pain that is being inflicted, that we ought to do something about it."
Aldous Huxley (1894-1963)


Healthnut said...

Here are two more interesting ones that will pique your interest.

MRSA is now a community problem. A study done found roughly 60% of all airplane trays to contain some form of MRSA. Here's the link if you are interesting.

Prion is another scary one, especially CJD. They say that it's not contagious, but doctors don't how or why one gets it. If it takes 5 years to develop any symptoms, how are they certain it's not contagious? Watch this guy giving his retirement speech. He sounds normal and appears to be healthy. Shortly after giving his speech, he's gone.

Toni Brayer MD said...

Thankks healthnut. The neuroprion site is quite informative and the video is complete and represents the most updated knowledge of CJD.

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