Friday, June 27, 2008

Outside Hospital

Some of the comments on this video say the
general public will never "get it". I think readers of EverythingHealth will. Check it out.
(Hat tip to


Anonymous said...

I did get it. Funny extremes to make the points of what is wrong with all these situations and excessive over ordring. How backwards and unrealistic leaving out all the lab reports, CT's, MRI's,X-Rays, tests, hospital transfers, MD consults, but only sending a huge stack of nurses notes (nothing like keeping the doctor in the dark and out of the loop.) With all their specialists they didn't seem to get a nephrologist for the guy ending up on dialysis

The guy with the hair and dark glasses was especailly funny.

ERP said...

That is brilliant. I love the first guy with diarrhea getting a cath.

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