Friday, June 27, 2008

Quit Rewarding Drug Impaired

I read this morning that a celebratory concert is bring prepared for Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday in London. He has had a glorious and influential career and is a master statesman known all over the world. How wonderful that he is being honored!

With so many talented performers to choose from, why is Amy Winehouse selected to sing at that concert? Her drug addiction and arrests are also known all over the world. Her husband is awaiting sentencing for attacking a pub owner and it is always a media event to guess if she can perform without falling off the stage.

I know addiction is a disease that progresses without treatment. I am sorry for the waste of talent and the problems Ms. Winehouse faces. She is now reported to have emphysema that will affect her ability to sing.

I'm just tired of seeing impaired "girls gone wild" held up as a shining example of success and to have her on the same stage with a hero like Mandela is just plain wrong.


ERP said...

That is a very disturbing picture of her - she looks cachetic!!

^a_g_n_e_s^ said...

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James said...

Oh, come now. Are you just trying to be controversial? The people who we like to see perform are the ones who are good performers - drug addicted or not. This has nothing to do with reward or punishment. There are millions of people out there who have had drug problems. But only a tiny percentage of them are people who I'd plop down $50-$100 to see live in concert. One has little to do with the other.

Toni Brayer MD said...

james: This is not an ordinary concert. I doubt the average person can get tickets to Nelsen Mandella's birthday party. This is a high profile event, with selected performers, to honor a great man. I believe the selection should fit the venue and this is not where I would put Amy Winehouse.

m.scott said...

So I have this image. Nelson Mandala is sitting in his room, looking back over his life: the 25 years in prison; overcoming incredible hardships to finally lead his nation out of the grip of Apartheid; becoming an international symbol of hope; inspiration and freedom; meeting countless world leaders and having his words and ideas welcomed and cherished by the millions of downtrodden and freedom loving people across the globe.

I see him thinking back on the incredible devotion of Minnie, and her years of waiting and supporting his ordeals...and then , on the eve of his 90th birthday to find out that a tribute concert will be held in his honor.

How fitting, he must be thinking. How thoughtful that the younger generation would want to honor me in this way. I wonder who they have chosen to sing this tribute to me?

The he scans the names..."He he he" he chuckles to himself, "I guess that being 90 has put me a bit out of touch with who these young singers may be, so who is this Amy Winehouse? I admit that I've heard her name often, but I can't remember for what reason. I am sure that she is a wonderful, humanitarian person who's altruistic efforts have made her worthy of joining in my tribute."

So , he starts to Googling Miss Winehouse so that he will be better prepared to meet her and discuss her many achievements.

After 10 minutes, Mr. Mandala is gravely depressed and saddened.

"So this is what my life's efforts have merited? A stumbling screech from a drugged out media whore?"

Mr. Mandala, you deserve so much more.

Toni Brayer MD said...

m.scott: Couldn't have said it better.

Cary said...

I agree, Dr. T. Bad choice. The likelihood that she will show up wasted, as is typical for her, will make her appearance there even more inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

I strongly agree the chosen performers should have integrity,respect, and dignity in the way they perform for Nelson Mandela!!
Being given such an honor to be picked for Nelson Mandela's 90 birthday.
Amy Winehouse NEVER should have been put in the position or given control to change the words to "Free Nelson Mandela" to "Free Blakey, my fella," for her husband in jail.

divynethoughts said...

I totally agree. In fact, I think its complete disrespect for him, the occasion and his legacy. She sings very well and yes, deserved her Grammys...but honestly, she was inappropriate for the event, not because of her addiction but clearly her behavior shows the fruits of her actions..

tracey said...

i think it's absolutely disrespectful to Mandela for a drugged out media train wreck like winehouse to be a part of this celebration. shouldn't there be some dignity attached to the celebrity? i realize that the drug culture is utterly tied to "rock & roll" and we'd be hard pressed to find acts that are "clean", but surely we could have aimed a little higher.

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