Telephone Medicine

Things are really getting bad in the realm of wacky patient expectations!!!

My medical assistant brought me a phone message and explained "This person says she is your patient (I've never seen her and my practice is closed with rare exception) and she has swollen glands and she thinks it is strept and she wants you to phone in Z-Pack". The pharmacy number was kindly provided.

My reply: "Are you kidding me? Call her back and tell her we will get her in today for an appointment". (Same day appointment for a new patient...quite an offer!)

Medical Assistant a few minutes later: "I spoke to her husband. He says she doesn't want to come in. They will find another doctor who will call in a prescription".

Me: "Hahaha. They will make tons of phone calls and won't even find a doctor who will take a new patient, let alone call in a prescription for someone they have never seen."

(What part of poor medical care, medical-legal risk, doctor slavery and abuse, doctor shortage, entitled Americans do they not understand?)


Anonymous said…
So exactly true, I have goten those same kind of messages in offices where I work, your description and photo captured it it well!
tracey said…
I'll put money down that she complained to everyone who would listen about the rude assistants and cold hearted doctors who wouldn't listen to her.
Anonymous said…
Same day appointment for a new patient? That patient didn't know how good she had it. I say good riddance. You are lucky she moved on.
What gall!!! That's amazing!
Kim said…
The ONLY time an antibiotic prescription was ever called in for one of my kids was for a probably ear infection and with the stipulation that my daughter be seen first thing Monday morning (this was Saturday).

And this from a pediatrician we had a relationship with for over ten years!

We kept that appointment. I knew that he had gone out on a limb for us and expected us to hold up our end of the contract.

My daughter's classmate had the same experience - they did not keep their appointment.

They had to find another pediatrician.
Wacky Hermit said…
I wonder if this is the same person who called me up the week before finals and wanted me to tutor them in an entire semester's mathematics.
Toni Brayer MD said…
wacky hermit: Yes, over the phone and without pay.
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