Thursday, July 10, 2008

High Fructose Corn Syrup-Stop it Now!

One of the reasons we are getting fatter and diabetes is becoming epidemic is our intake of concentrated fructose (High Fructose Corn Syrup). A new study shows intake of fructose has increased in the typical US diets to more than 10% of energy intake with negative effects on the health of children and adults.

We are supposed to get our fructose (sugar) in the natural form from fruits and vegetables. But less than 20% is consumed this way. Fruits and vegies contain fiber and help us maintain healthy body weight. Fructose added to soft drinks and processed foods is highly concentrated and contains no other nutrients.

High fructose intake causes increased plasma triglyceride levels, insulin resistance and obesity. OUR BODIES AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE EATING IT.

Start looking at the labels of foods and you will see huge amounts of high fructose corn syrup which is about 50% concentrated fructose. Not only does it add empty calories but it is added to foods that already have high calorie counts. Adolescents age 12-18 had the highest intake and sugar-sweetened beverages accounted for the largest source of fructose.

These researchers say if all sources of fructose were eliminated other than whole fruit and vegetables, children and adults would eliminate 82% and 75% of fructose from their diets, respectively.

My advise is to swear off soft drinks and other sweetened beverages. Load up on summer fruits and vegies. If you are thirsty drink cold water or iced coffee or tea.


Healthnut said...

It will greatly improve the lives of many with Type 2 diabetes.

It is so unfortunate that many Americans are "blinded" by the fact that this cheap subsidized ingredient is actually "debilitating" one's own health.

And with the increasing demand for these high energy drinks which contains alot of HFCS, it's no wonder children are becoming Type 2 diabetes at a much, much earlier age.

A friend of mine works for Children's Hospital. In her world, newborns becoming diabetic are common.

Anonymous said...

I sent this post to my cousin and she said "GREAT article" and had known about it and is going to have her boyfrriend read it.
Thanks for writing on this!

K said...

I have no hard data to prove it, but I'm pretty sure HFCS upsets my digestion. I *do* know that when I was in Italy, I only got sick once (suuuuper rich lasagne), and I drank real-sugar-sweetened Coke (which I can't drink here, because it's too carbonated too).

Rich said...

I've been telling people this for years and they just laugh at me. I very seldom drink soda and I know it's very difficilt to avoid this ingredient but if people just pay more attention they can cut the daily dose in half or even more.

The other culprit is sodium in foods.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the new commercials attempting to dispell the idea that high fructose corn syrup may be harmful?

They make it seem like high fructose corn syrup is a natural product that anyone could make in their kitchen if they tried. "It only 'natural' if you have a good centrifuge and distillation equipment in your kitchen" to quote one source I've read.

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high fructose corn syrup can be dangerous even if a person consumes it once per week, I'm agree with ban this poisonous product.

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