Monday, July 7, 2008

A Taste of the Medical Blogosphere

I had a little time over the weekend to cruise some other websites and see what is on the blogosphere. Here are a few links that will make you laugh, ponder, angry or wish "Why didn't I think of that".

An ER doctor rants about drug seekers on Craigslist (guess he doesn't have a blog...too bad) Years ago I was an ER doc and I totally get it. Don't read this at work or if you hate the "F" word.

Ever get annoyed at parkers who take up two spaces? Don't get angry, get even on this site.

Dr Paul Levy, the blogging CEO at Boston's Deaconess Hospital owns up to the most serious of medial errors: Wrong Site Surgery. Going public is a good thing and it just points to the need for standard protocols that are followed EVERY TIME without fail as I wrote about on Surgical Checklists.

The post about the 77 year old who gave birth to twins made me crazy. Just because we have the technology to do something, doesn't mean we should do it.

If you want to really understand what is happening with Medicare and the 10% cut in physician reimbursement, read what The Happy Hospitalist has to say. It's long and wordy but chuck full of information you won't find anywhere else. It will show you why primary care is gasping its last breath. He says "Let the cuts stand" and that will completely unravel primary care in this Country and force true health care reform.

Gee that was fun.


Healthnut said...

I hope doctors win the Medicare matter. Here's a hug to all the doctors who are suffering. For the few in "tears", there is hope.

Most people do not realize this, but doctors get pay VERY LITTLE from Medicare. It does not matter how long the doctor takes, the maximum payout from Medicare is $36 per patient per visit. And if they are California doctors, they have a double whammy because California hospitals no longer treat them as employees as of last year. These doctors have to depend on private insurance for income, which is currently dollar restricted. In other words, they cannot bill their patients for the difference lost over the insurance set amount without being subject to a fine.

It's cruel and dreadful to be doctors. They make sacrifices in order to keep us healthy, ie. get brain "torture" during their residencies years. Some even suffered from sexual assaults while in residencies from their "chief predators".

And to hear that they are going to get another pay cut is immoral. Doctors are people. They save lives. They are even discipline enough to fill out the VERY LONG paper work that is REQUIRED to get that $36! And if they "screw up" (on minor instances), they don't get pay? What kind of abuse is this anyway? In California, if an employee screws up, the employer cannot "dock" the employee for the mishap, so why should doctors be treated so differently?

I realize we are going through global constraints and de-leveraging at this time, but Medicare should at least re-set the rules, perhaps make the patient pay $5 more to offset the costs. To "penalize" the doctors AGAIN makes no sense. Why cut doctors' pay when they should STOP paying SECTION 8 patients to see the doctors? They are already getting free care.

BTW, how much is it costing the taxpayers these days while this issue remains unresolved?

Anonymous said...

I loved the ER Doctor Rants and rules.
It reminded me of years ago when I volunteered in the ER. He spelled out the obvious points so well to the max extreme it made their irritating, ridiuclous behavior funny. Well written, leaving absolutely no room for a single miss interpretation.

Dallas Health said...

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