Thursday, July 24, 2008

This Weeks Medical Challenge

This weeks challenge will be difficult for non-physicians but physicians should know it. Either way you may learn something interesting. The image is a tongue. (click for better view). What is the most likely diagnosis?
1. Amyloidosis
2. Celiac disease
3. Hypothyroidism
4. Kawasaki disease
5. Type 2 diabetes
Have fun and I'll post the answer tomorrow!


Raymond Bouchayer said...

OK Dr. Toni ...this I beleive has nothing to do with any thyroid problems .....could be Celiac disease because its connection with the digestive system ..............not cheating , just guessing so to me its a 50/50 between 1 and 4 .

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Rich said...

Kawasaki disease

Kamagra Gel said...

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